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   Your Property Management Agreement includes:

  1. Owner/Management Obligations

  2. Owner, Property, Tenant (if applicable), and Leasing Information

  3. Property Management Agreement

  4. IRS-W9

  5. ACH Authorization for Direct Deposit

  6. Lead-Based Paint Disclosure (if applicable)

  7. Remodel/Large Scale Renovation Agreement (If applicable)

  8. Rental Property Under New Management


  • Supply Keys (2 sets), Remotes, and Codes to all doors, gates, mailboxes, garage door, security alarm, and gates, etc.

  • Supply property owner(s) ID/Drivers License.

  • If applicable, supply a copy of the HOA Rules and Regulations where the property resides.

  • If applicable, supply a copy Home Warranty Policy.

Pay: Owner’s Cost (per unit)

  • First month’s management fee (prorations credited back) -10%

  • Marketing Fee is 50% of First full month’s rent                                                

  • Annual Fee for Inspection Smoke detectors, safety issues and house upkeep- $125

  • Inspection Readiness Checklist - $125

Owner/Management Obligations Description: 

Clearly lays out the Owner's and Property Manager's obligations and responsibilities so that there are no misplaced expectations and so both parties clearly understand who is responsible for what.

Owner, Property, Tenant, and Leasing Information Description:

The Owner, Property, Tenant, and Leasing Information Sheet gives us essential information about you, your property, your tenant(s), and your desired leasing policies. This detailed information allows us to efficiently manage your property.

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