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Are you a landlord in Virginia Beach seeking a reliable property manager to streamline your rental operations? Choose First Providence Realty, your perfect partner that will help you reach your financial goals!

First Providence Realty has been a cornerstone in property management for years, delivering unparalleled service in Virginia Beach and its surrounding areas. We possess an in-depth understanding of the regional rental market, enabling us to provide tailored solutions for your property.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to maintaining and enhancing the value of your investment. By choosing First Providence Realty, you're not just hiring a property manager; you're partnering with a team of dedicated professionals committed to achieving your property's maximum potential.

Let us take the reins, so you can enjoy the rewards of your investment with peace of mind.

Our Property Management Services

At First Providence Realty, we understand the importance of keeping your rental property competitive and well-managed. We offer a comprehensive suite of property management services designed to ensure that every aspect of your property is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

From finding the perfect tenant to maintaining the property in top condition, we cover all bases to maximize your investment's value and provide you with peace of mind. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your property, ensuring personalized attention and solutions.


Here is our detailed list of services:

1. Tenant Screening

Our extensive tenant screening procedure is intended to guarantee that your property is occupied only by the most dependable and competent tenants. We carry out thorough background investigations that involve verification of employment, credit history, and prior rental references.

By taking this careful approach, potential risks are reduced and a positive, cooperative relationship between landlords and tenants is guaranteed.

2. Property Marketing

To attract tenants, your property needs to stand out in the competitive Virginia Beach rental market. Our property marketing strategies are cutting-edge, utilizing high-quality photos and detailed property descriptions across multiple platforms, including top rental websites and social media channels.

This broad exposure ensures that your property reaches a wide audience and secures tenants quickly, reducing vacancy periods.

3. Leasing Agreements

Creating a thorough lease agreement is essential to safeguarding your rights and establishing expectations for your tenants. Our rental agreements are customized for every property and cover all relevant information, including terms of renting, terms of payment, and tenant obligations.

We make certain that every contract complies with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, giving each party a strong legal basis.

4. Move-In Inspections

At First Providence Realty, we perform thorough move-in inspections to document the state of the property before a new tenant moves in. During this process, a complete walkthrough of the property is conducted, and any faults found are documented in writing and through photographs.


This safeguards the rights of the landlord and the tenant and guarantees that any future issues can be settled amicably.

5. Regular Property Inspections

We regularly inspect your property throughout the tenancy to preserve its value and condition. By identifying and addressing maintenance concerns early on, these inspections help us avoid minor problems turning into large expenses.

Frequent inspections also guarantee that tenants are abiding by the conditions of the lease, which contributes to the outstanding upkeep of your property.

6. Rent Collection with Online Payments

Our online payment portal makes our rent collection process simple and easy. Tenants will find it easier to pay their rent on time with this approach, which will improve cash flow consistency.

In order to guarantee transparency and efficiency in financial administration, it also gives landlords instant access to financial statements.

7. Maintenance and Repairs

We understand that timely and cost-effective maintenance is key to preserving your property's value and ensuring tenant satisfaction. Our network of contractors is ready to handle repairs promptly and efficiently.

From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, we ensure that your property remains in prime condition, safeguarding your investment and keeping tenants happy.

About Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach, situated at the southeastern corner of Virginia, where the state meets the mighty Atlantic Ocean, is a city that embodies the perfect blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and economic stability.

Living in Virginia Beach offers residents an exceptional quality of life. The city boasts a plethora of outdoor activities, from sunbathing and swimming at the beach to hiking in First Landing State Park.

The boardwalk, a 3-mile-long stretch with panoramic ocean views, is lined with cafes, restaurants, and entertainment options, providing endless leisure and recreation opportunities. The diverse neighborhoods range from waterfront properties to suburban communities, catering to various lifestyles and preferences.

Virginia Beach's low crime rate compared to other cities of its size adds to its appeal, making it a safe and secure environment for residents. The city's commitment to community and the well-being of its citizens is evident in its well-maintained public spaces, parks, and community centers.

Virginia Beach is not just a great place to live; it's also a wise investment destination. The city's economy is robust and diversified, anchored by sectors such as defense, tourism, and agriculture. The presence of several military bases contributes to economic stability, making it an attractive market for real estate investors.

The city's tourism industry is a significant economic driver, with millions of visitors each year contributing to the local economy. This constant influx of tourists supports a strong rental market, offering lucrative opportunities for property investors.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

We proudly serve the following areas: Hampton, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk and Virginia Beach.