People are hoping to take advantage of the opportunities available in real estate. Property has served as an ideal investment over the years, offering landlords consistent rental income, several tax advantages, and appreciation in property value.

For you to enjoy all these benefits and more, you must put your money in a viable and robust market like Portsmouth, that has been growing in popularity. The area is known for its increasing population, rich history, affordable living, and a plethora of recreational activities.

Investing in real estate is not a straightforward endeavor. It needs local expertise, technical know-how, and experience. One must also be ready to put in the work to research and conduct market analysis.

In this article, the experienced and reliable team from First Providence Realty will give you the best tips to buying real estate investments in Portsmouth.

Portsmouth, VA Real Estate Market

Walk through the streets of Portsmouth and you will be enthralled by the rich history and culture on every corner. From the Old Town Historic District to the Naval Shipyard, the options are endless. The town hosts annual festivals, art events, and exhibits almost every week. There is never a dull day here.


Should you wish for something more fast-paced, you can choose from the plethora of outdoor recreational options. Natural retreats and outdoor places are available on the outskirts while urban parks and waterfronts offer a break from the urban landscape.

The advantage of Portsmouth is its affordability and modest cost of living. The cost of transportation, insurance, utilities, and housing is considerably cheaper compared to that of the neighbors.

With all these alluring factors, Portsmouth has been receiving new visitors almost daily. This is good news for those looking to invest in Portsmouth residential real estate. New visitors mean steady demand for property. In such a market, a landlord can be able to dictate rental prices and earn above market rate.

Tips When Buying Investment Property in Portsmouth, VA


Each neighborhood is unique and the same principle can be applied to the various neighborhoods that you will find here in Portsmouth. A neighborhood will attract a different set of tenants because of the different amenities and services offered.

You must remember that property is an immovable asset. So, the demand and the value of the property are derived from its location.

Age of the Property

Another key element that each investor should consider is the age of the property. The older properties are often found in more established neighborhoods that are pricier. We recommend that you be thorough during the inspection of such a property.


Newer properties are more affordable and friendly to first-time investors. The challenge with newer properties might be rental demand. Be sure to perform a thorough analysis to avoid a hit-or-miss kind of scenario.


While the property has its unique characteristics and behaves uniquely to market conditions, in the end, it remains to be an investment. Before you invest your money in property, be sure to do the math. Analyze the potential income coming in versus the outgoings.

Income to be derived can come in through rent, pet rent, parking, and other services that you offer on the property. On the other hand, outgoing payments can be in the form of taxes, property management costs, maintenance, and replacement costs.

There might be some budgeting information that the typical property owner might not have with them and requires localized experience. Get in touch with a local property management company like First Providence Realty who will advise you keenly and comprehensively on the matter.

Property Management

Most landlords focus much of their energy and time on the selection of their property and its alignment to their investment needs. They forget that they would need to maintain and manage the property throughout the leasing period.


Property management can be quite a challenge. It requires that a landlord sacrifice a significant amount of time to meet tenant needs and also ensure that the property performs well compared to newer options in the market.

For all your management needs in Portsmouth, VA, rely on the leading service provider in the area, First Providence Realty. We are a trusted brand in the area having offered our solutions to dozens of property owners. You can rely on us to see to the daily needs of your property and those of your tenants.


Real estate has withstood the test of time as one of the ideal investment options for the prudent investor. Provided you invest in a viable and growing market like Portsmouth, you are bound to succeed.

Each local property market is unique. For you to properly analyze and make the right decision in the Portsmouth real estate market, you will need a local partner, like First Providence Realty who can guide you every step of the way.

We are a locally owned and operated property management company with several years of experience in the market. Our licensed property managers understand the challenges that come with the property and are ready to help you navigate them accordingly.

Get in touch with us today and receive a free quote for our services.