Mission Statement

First Providence Property Management seeks to offer a hands-on management approach to our owners by protecting their investments and enhancing the value of their property. We strive for “Property Management, Leasing and Sales with a personal touch.”

We accomplish this through the following:

  • A professional team of leasing and property management consultants with extensive knowledge of the Hampton Roads area.
  • Marketing, Management and advertising expertise to handle your needs in order to save you time and money.
  • By attracting and retaining the best, most qualified tenants and keeping your turnover rate low.
  • And, offering an in house, knowledgeable maintenance staff that saves you time and money.

Property Management

First Providence Property Management is a Full-Service Management Company. We offer hands-on management services so that you can sit back and relax. Protecting your investment and enhancing the value of your property are of the utmost importance to us. Our expert staff of Property Managers have a combined experience of 18 years.

Our services include:


  • Advertising on property management Websites, MLS, sign in the yard and electronic brochures.
  • Personally show property to prospective residents
  • Verify credit history, rental and/or mortgage payments and homeowner dues
  • Require Parental Guarantee for students
  • Inspect the property after notice received and notify owner of turnover by letter
  • Weekly staff meetings to discuss rents and condition of properties


  • Constitute lease agreements and house rules
  • Collect rents and other charges
  • Provide maintenance and supervise all repairs. We offer Full-service maintenance, including 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency care.
  • Payment of invoices, mortgage payments and homeowner dues
  • Supervise residents to ensure lowest cost to you
  • Monthly cash flow with year-to-date figures for taxes, including copies of invoices. (Monthly owner’s payouts are mailed between 10th and 13th monthly)
  • Evict past due or unruly tenants


  • Maintenance technicians and carpenters on staff
  • Maintenance technicians available 24 hours a day to handle emergencies
  • Owner contacted on any job over $475.
  • Estimates provided for turnover costs after pre-move out inspection

Our property managers and maintenance technicians realize attention to detail is expected, not only by our customers, but by our management as well. That's why our management criteria and performance standards-already among the highest in the industry-are regularly evaluated and revised as needed.

Our goal is to keep your property occupied with very little turnover. Let us manage your property and handle the day-to-day challenges while you reap the benefit of a monthly owner check.

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Your Property Management Agreement includes:

  1. Owner/Management Obligations
  2. Owner, Property, Tenant (if applicable), and Leasing Information
  3. Property Management Agreement
  4. IRS-W9
  5. ACH Authorization for Direct Deposit
  6. Lead-Based Paint Disclosure (if applicable)
  7. Remodel/Large Scale Renovation Agreement (If applicable)
  8. Rental Property Under New Management


  • Supply Keys (2 sets), Remotes, and Codes to all doors, gates, mailboxes, garage door, security alarm, and gates, etc.
  • Supply property owner(s) ID/Drivers Licenses
  • If applicable, supply a copy of the HOA Rules and Regulations where the property resides.
  • If applicable, supply a copy Home Warranty Policy.

Pay: Owner’s Cost (per unit)

  • First month’s management fee (prorations credited back) -10%
  • Marketing Fee is 50% of First full month’s rent
  • Annual Fee for Inspection Smoke detectors, safety issues and house
  • upkeep- $125
  • Inspection Readiness Checklist - $125

Owner/Management Obligations Description:

Clearly lays out the Owner's and Property Manager's obligations and responsibilities so that there are no misplaced expectations and so both parties clearly understand who is responsible for what.

Owner, Property, Tenant, and Leasing Information Description:

The Owner, Property, Tenant, and Leasing Information Sheet gives us essential information about you, your property, your tenant(s), and your desired leasing policies. This detailed information allows us to efficiently manage your property.

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