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First Providence

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Feb 19, 2021byTrevor onFirst Providence

Mr. Tracy Brown has been extremely professional and helpful concerning my first rental property. He always responds quickly and answers all of my questions. I would definitely recommend other people to his business. His prices are respectable and he’s very honest. Which is what I enjoy the most.


Feb 17, 2021bySilvia Palma onFirst Providence
Excellent Work Ethic

" I am so grateful to Mr. Tracy Brown, he is currently managing our property in Virginia Beach. I have peace of mind knowing that he is on top of everything. I met Mr. Brown back in 1990 and again I asked for his help a few years ago. I can assure you that he gets us the best handyman to work on our property, he recommended people that were quick and gave us good prices. I am graceful that he decided to take on and manage or our property. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends. Thank you Tracy for being honest, professional, caring. We appreciate you.


Oct 3, 2020byJacqueline F. onFirst Providence

" First of all Mr. Brown was very professional and was prompt in responding to my requests and great in keeping me abreast as to when his workers would be available to do the work repairs at my home. However, the work that I actually received by his employers was not worth the value I paid and had expected to get. The total job of repairs took under an hour and was not worth the $170 dollars I paid for- i.e. putting my sliding screen door back on its track, drilling a hole and putting a screw in the hinge of my kitchen cabinet. Poorly painting and caulking a 2 feet baseboard that I really wanted replaced entirely but was told by the worker that all it needed was sanding down, caulked and repainted. I am not satisfied at all with the finished job on this baseboard. Something I could have done myself. Also I had a replacement fill valve put in my toilet that the worker purchased from Lowes priced at $7.98 based on the copy of the receipt. Mr. Brown initially quoted a price of $225.00 for the job which I was surprised thinking that they charged by the hour- $44/hour according to their Thumbtack posting. He said that the quoted price included a $70 to $85 service fee they charge also as well as the price for materials. I mentioned that they should include the service fee charge on their thumbtack posting so people would know ahead of time. I further told him that I was providing the paint. So we renegotiate the price down to $175.00 but this was based on my expectation of the work quality that I would receive and the cost of the replacement fill vale being more costly than what it actually was. I deducted $5.00 from the $175 price but really thought about deducting $25.00 because the worker badly stained my toilet covering with black drippings from the toilet tank that I thought I would have to replace. The worker suggested allowing him to see if he could clean it up first which he did and most of the stain did come out except for two small spots that hopefully will come out when washed in the washing machine. Not a satisfied customer at all. I am submitting an update not because I feel that my initial assessment was unfair and therefore should be removed or updated, but because I agree that I should have contacted Mr. Brown with my concerns prior to posting a review. So I would like to apologize to him for not contacting him first and to also thank him for agreeing to personally come to my home and take a look at my concerns for himself. I am even more grateful hat on the day he came he worked on resolving my issues himself. He redid the baseboard and it looks 100% better. I am quite pleased with it. He also readjusted the cabinet hinge so that my kitchen cabinet door now closes satisfactorily. Although I was concern with the quality of the replacement fill valve his worker purchased for my commode and I had attributed it to why my commode now had a weak flush and water pressure, Mr. Brown assured me that it was comparable to what I had in my other two toilets. And, after he adjusted the water level in the tank, the flush and water pressure is now comparable to that of my other two toilets. ( I’m just hoping that it will stand the test of time.) All in all, I am very pleased and thankful to Mr. Brown for his genuine concern for my issues and his quick resolve in addressing them. I am updating my rating to a 4 as well. I believe that Mr. Brown is a man of integrity and will do whatever he can to make sure that his clients receive quality work.


Oct 3, 2020byToni M. onFirst Providence

" Very professional and nice to work with. Kept me updated on the whole process and is very trustworthy


Oct 3, 2020bySilvia P. onFirst Providence

" It has been a pleasure to work with First Providence Realty, Inc. I have peace of mind knowing Mr. Tracy Brown takes care of any and all needs relating to my property. I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Brown since 1990 and I can assure you that excellence must be his motto.


Oct 3, 2020byAnonymous onFirst Providence

" Tracy is a great person to work with, very professional and competent. He knows all details of the local real estate market including pricing, property advertising, contractors, etc., and takes care of all my rental property management needs. Highly recommended.


Oct 3, 2020byDeborah M. onFirst Providence

" Tracy Brown was an excellent property manager. He kept me abreast of maintenance, repairs, and any other issues with the property. Tracy Brown also responded quickly with my questions and concerns. I highly recommend his services!


Oct 3, 2020byMark W. onFirst Providence
Property Management

" Very knowledgeable and helpful with the property management process. Responds fast always and is very professional.